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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 28th April 2021

As I left the house this morning, I realised something was amiss. Couldnt put my finger on it. Once more, Mcdonalds failed to make their 0500 stated opening times, so coffee wasnt happening either. It was as I whacked on my layers at the back of my car, I realised what it was. Wind. An 8mph E wind, hardly stirs the flags in the marina. But this wind was making them flap, and wind thingy's spin. It was way windier than the forecast. But, at such a late time, it was too late to call it off. Seas would not be at all dangerous. Indeed, quite flat. But fishing difficult, with the boat shot across the tide, even with the raked down vessel that BIF1 is, purposely to avoid windage. I think BIF2 will need to be driven whilst on my knees. With that wind, even my centre console and my seat offer a grab for the wind to push upon.

I welcomed aboard Peter, Andy and Vince, and explained it would be likely tough. They took it on the chin nicely. The direction of the wind did offer some less gusty stuff the tighter in we got, but the problem was, we were approaching low tide. I had never planned to be tight inshore, certainly not this early in the season. We opted for a go on the bass first.

And it was tough going. But the guys persevered, and finally, were rewarded, as Vince nailed a lovely table fish. That really bought a smile to his cheeks. We cracked on, but nothing really happening, and with the new flood, we changed tact to run on the plaice. Not so easy going, but happily it was good enough, helped in this case with movement by the stiff NE breeze. Until... Suddenly, we werent moving so fast. "The winds died" I said. "Everybody up... Lets try a different spot for a bass. "

And Im glad we did. Not that there were any bass, because there were not. But there was an absolutely stonking wrasse for Andy. The 2nd 4lb+ fish in as many weeks. We dont often see fish of that caliber inshore. The boat record of 6lb 8oz was taken from a wreck on sea trials with BIF1 before we began working her. Normally a 3lb fish gets a wow. I was very happy, but perhaps Andy was happiest. Amazing.

That was that session done. We swapped Vince and Peter for Nod and his son Joe, and off we went again. Another split bassing / plaice attempt. The bassing really did not go so well. Just one small schoolie, and some missed plucks. Plus a mackerel, another chunker. The plaicing happily went better, but still not on fire. Fish for everyone to take home though, and a couple of 45cm fish among them. Plus a bonus herring on a frolic. A lot of herring around at the moment. Good banter, and much laughter, but towards the end of the session, the wind returned. As we were fishing, I called my final clients of the day, Yuri and Silvia, to see if they fancied another day. But both were adamant that if it was safe, they wanted out. And it was safe.

So for the final sailing, we had it about as crap as can be. By now, rain which had been a little bit on and off 2nd sailing, was on. Wind, which had died away to nothing before stiffening, was now very stiff. And as a result, fishing was horrific. Plaice were only interested in being foul hooked. A clear sign that running back up the tide was not what they wanted. Onto the bassing, which again was not nearly what I would want it to be. However, it did bring both Yuri and Silvia their first bass of the year. Something at least. But ... that really was it, bar a bonus mackerel. Very hard, very cold, very wet. We were all happy to be heading in when the bugger off bugler made his call.

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