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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th August 2021

Strong Northerly winds are a bit of a pain. It creates a paradox. The very inshore edges, where I must admit I am happiest, are perfectly safe, flat, without swell, if not too much E with that N. But the wind remains, shooting me across the tide. I learned this morning of techniques other skippers use to counter this, and as soon as I have some free space on such conditions, I will begin experimenting. Meanwhile, when I see a forecast I think will be problematic, I am currently giving a summary of what will be expected (very hard lure fishing) and then allowing the clients to choose if we sail or not.

The reason for this, is because there are two types of clients that visit me. One type, just needs a change of scenery. To breathe sea air, and see the white cliffs, or hear the screams of younger folk scaring themselves on the rattly roller coaster on Brighton pier, is enough. Catching secondary. And then there are those where fish are everything. First sailing, accepted my advice and cancelled. 2nd sailing, composing of Ray, Mike, Dan and Rene, all members of the facebook group "Adur Lure Anglers" of which I have been a member since its early days (focused on the River Adur, a river system which empties into the sea at Shoreham ), accepted that it would be tough, but were up for the challenge.

I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything less. These guys are all very lure obsessed. And the fact that they are experienced lure anglers, really helped, as the conditions were nothing less than extremely testing. Very limiting in the areas we could fish with any chance of lure control. And a mass of brown, immature, and truly stupid seagulls, which meant even sub surface lures were in jeopardy. Truly testing, and yet, we managed 12 bass. Just three for the table however. Not that there wasn't other feeding to be had. As well as super fat mackerel, both Mike and Ray broke their Cuttlefish virginity. Any cuttle (sepia... Choco...) fans, really need to come out real soon.

Third sailing had no choice. After seeing experienced rods struggle, it would never be a great experience for first timers on BIF1 (as in, first time on BIF1, I am unaware of their angling experience.). I would rather they have a more rewarding experience for their dollar, and they too agreed. So, just you Adur group nutters then... But, great banter, and actually, not such a bad result considering.

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