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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th August 2023


It is a shame that two days cannot be alike in fishing. Yet, it is a constant fact. "you should have been here yesterday" really is a very common phrase between folk of the angle. Yesterday was a bit special, and the first sailing especially, had echoes of yesterday. With me for this one, Dan, and I am pretty sure Lee returning, and bringing with them Mark and Tony.

I hoped to repeat the previous days routine for the first sailing, and it did go. With good weather a fair few other boats were also prospecting, making the most of the flat (but actually still with some bounce) seas, as they have been scarce this year. I set up the drift the same as previously, assisted by identical winds, and broke out the Heddon One Knocker spooks.

I have excellent news about these. Distribution kind of vanished, but there is a company well versed in tackle distribution that has grasped the mantle. As soon as I have more details, I will put them in here, and you can go to your local tackle shop and promise to buy all the bone and chrome and puke he can order. Thats pretty much what I had to do to maintain stock in these dry times.

The spooks worked their magic immediately. Raising fish a plenty. I struggled to keep up for a while. The big difference was sizes. Whereas everything that smashed the surface lures yesterday was table fish plus, these were mostly 1lb fish. Still excellent fun, with entertainingly enthusiastic takes. Then the tide died, and so the action. Feeling smug, I went to where they went yesterday. Proving that bass are rarely creatures of habit. We did find a couple more, but nothing like the initial barrage. Final tally, 24 landed, and four were taken for the table.

Next, all returnees. Mitch, Mark, Mark and Paul who was on yesterdays trip. I did hope to relocate that shoal, so headed in that direction. We took in a few other marks along the way. One did give us a few fish, and got us off the mark. But back among the rocks, I couldnt find them. I decided to put some distance between BIF1 and that area, and that move did pay off. Some quality fish among the final tally of 17 landed, and Mitch bagged the only cod of the day. Five bass killed.

Final sailing, Mark remained, young Tim who I havent seen for a while fancied a bounce about, and Misa returned, with his lad Sasha. Off we headed. New flood, and very light winds, and I was quite optimistic. But it was a bit of a struggle to find any consistent fishing. Mackerel a plenty, but bass were less obliging. The wind also stepped up to make conditions quite challenging. But we did manage nine, with three taken for the table. Wind finally shut us down, with a splashy ride back to the marina, thirty minutes before the allotted finish time.

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