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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th January 2022

At last, a catch report from BIF1. She has been in dry dock for much of January, receiving what turned out to be a major overhaul, both mechanical and the hull itself. All up to tip top standard now, and at last, a working sailing. On board for this mornings plaice trip, Sam, Mose and Dex, all returnee's.

Short tides made the fishing harder work than I had experienced a few days prior in a friends boat. Indeed, when I started with BIF1, today's tides would have likely meant a blank. Yet, since then, I have learned much about plaice, and formulated techniques to induce a take even when there is zero flow. This was the technique we relied upon. And nature was giving us a very stunning back drop to our efforts, with a truly wonderful sunrise.

We ended up with 25 plaice. Sizes werent so good,, but there was a very interesting mix of fish. Clearly, some have yet to move off and spawn, and these fish remain chunky and very edible. And yet more have done the deed, and a ragged and extremely thin for the rigours of replacing their kind. Whiting were also there on the deeper marks, but none of the 1lb fish, just a lot of pins. All fun though on the lure gear. A few dabs, and that was it. Actually, for a time of year when we have been known to target big pout just to get a take, I would say the fishing is pretty good. A great start to BIF1's 2022 season.

Sunday is the next sailing. Sold out on first sailing but a full 4 spaces on the afternoon (1200) sailing, on a cold but calm forecast. As always, SMS to 07970 112774 to secure.

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