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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th June 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

First sailing, and regular Max bought along his friend Bill to explain to him why he is sometimes a little late in to the office. Bill is (was) a twice a year kind of guy these days, but had run around with a rod a fair bit in his youth. I think Max is more psychiatrist than painter and decorator. I'm fairly sure he knew what might happen.

Heavy skies and dropping water meant, into the shallows for the first hour. I mean, the really shallows, with just 4' under the hull often. You need to know all the peaks to do this one safely, especially if another boats wash rolls in, so, if you try it, be very careful.

And fish we found. Bill was an absolute natural with the surface lures, and we of course missed perhaps 3 times as many as we landed. But sizes were not so good, so despite the excitement, we moved onto some other shallows, where huge shoals of sandeels, something we don't (didn't?) get much of on our shores, are currently running.

Here again the surface lures scored, and with a better stamp of fish, although happily for the fish, nobody had killing in mind. I tried a deeper spot, just to get Bill a go on the shads, and he was away first cast. "ooh" came from his lips as he struck. Finger power induces all kind of noises, as the penny drops. Thirteen fish landed, some nice ones among them. Its all looking up. And Bill, the twice a year man, was discussing with Max on the run back, what dates they could book again. Hearing is one of my more tuned senses...

Rest of the day, was booked out to my girlfriend. Yes, get up off that floor. Its dusty. You did read it correctly. I'm having a final throw of the dice. And it only seemed fair that she see that I'm not all nice. She needed to see me in speed coach mode. This was because initially, we only had about an hour, and I really wanted to get her casting well, as it is the beginning of everything with latex.

Very few of you have experienced speed coach mode. I would have to feel very familiar with you, and confident you wouldn't crack, or punch me into the sea. Especially with my non-swimmer status. But those who know, know. And it is very effective. Within ten casts, Jana was getting 30 yards, going through the steps flawlessly. And no tears!! Some mild shock perhaps, that I can be catty, arrogant, bullying and sarcastic, all in one sentence. To date, she only knows the laid back pussy cat that isn't astride the helm on BIF1. But wow, she is going to ace it. A requirement of dating fishyrob? Erm... I would say not, but then I might lay awake wondering if I am lying to myself... tough one.

While we were at sea, we managed to stretch that hour, to a few hours. So, we went breaming on isomes, as the tide was ramming through. Still a few there. Still pretty small. But lots of fun. Then, some plaicing on a deeper bank. I was really hoping for a thornback, as we have had a few here on isomes over the last three years. But just plaice, which were actually feeding well. No big ones, but again, lots of smiles. And all too soon, stuff meant we had to head back in. But, for this VIP client, I think the concept of fishing means, she will become a very regular booking.

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1 Comment

Max Van Buttle
Max Van Buttle
Jun 28, 2021

Great report and looks like your lucky in love as well good luck to you both 👍

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