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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th May 2021

1st and 2nd sailings were to run back to back, with Dan and Nick on board. Dan, a returnee, Nick, a newbie, but from a course fishing background, which I see as a plus. The subtle techniques employed on BIF1 have many similarities, with actions such as rolling a worm in a current on a lead. The same amount of focus and attention to detail is required. So it was no surprise that Nick picked it up very quickly indeed.

1st session was fairly a mirror of the previous day. 45 bass were landed, the best bag yet in 3 hours since I restarted on 11th April. But, what was clearly different were sizes. Whereas the previous day, just six fish had been below the 42cm size limit, today we only managed 3 to take from all those fish. A lot of fun though, with giggles and smiles all around.

2nd session, I agreed with the guys we would make the effort to hunt a bigger fish. I did this by running away from the shoals of smaller fish. When we got to the mark though, we found no fish, like, really, no marks or anything. Considering the supersized bait balls we had just left, it made no sense to keep at it. We returned to the original grounds. Here, we were back into fish, but at a lesser pace, and by the time the tide peaked, the fishing had become very slow. Just 21 fish in the session. However, 21 fish is still the 3rd best bag so far this year, so not too shabby. And, the last few fish got bigger!! With another to join its siblings in the fish well, that both Dan and Nick left with a brace for the table.

3rd sailing and it was one I was looking forward to. Dads and lads. Dean (Dad) with his two boys Owen (18) and Max (14). I was also worried after the previous days 3rd sailing. And I was right to be. It started very well, with a fish of around 5lb on the first drift, that took a fancy to my 28gm Axia Mighty Minnow. And then, it became scratchy. Worse than the day before scratchy. Among the five bass total, was the first ever for Dean. And Owen also managed one very last gasp in extra time. But poor birthday boy Max. Well, he didn't blank. A solitary pouting bycatch saved the day their. But not the same for silver. He took it very well. After all, he has fished most of his life. But, come on Neptune... So, I've floated a tempting offer, and I hope to see the guys back again. I'm not having it. Neptune will give young Max his birthday present.

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