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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th April 2022

A very frustrating day. Which was very exasperated with a no show on the first sailing. New to BIF1 Mason, remains a stranger, and didn't join Steve, and Steve with his grown up son Stelios. Neither did he have to endure a real struggle, with a way over forecast ENE being a total bitch. I simply couldnt fish where I wanted to, as any form of lure control would have been difficult, so I swung back and headed the other way.

It was still dominated by wind, and the only place I marked any bass in shoals, was completely covered with nets. This isnt a problem with no wind, or a light westerly, as you can drift down the lines, as nets are always set East to west. But when the wind blows you North to South, and there are lots of lines of them, it's just hassle. And we do not go fishing for hassle. We can get plenty of that ashore.

End result was just three bass, and a wrasse, with just one of the bass for the table. Steve and Stelios took that, as other Steve was on 2nd sailing, where, with the wind forecast to slacken right off, surely we would get some table fish. And Mason really missed out on a very crap session. However, when we are bagging the 60cm plus fish in a months time, Mason wont be...

2nd sailing Steve was joined by Paul, a regular also, and we headed out. This time. we would only go hardcore bass for half the session, as the wind was still there, and then we would fish plaice, and if wind allowed, bream.

Bass, just four landed, and none for the table. Plaice, just four landed. not huge but happily bursting with flesh so for the table. Bream, just three landed, none for the table. And all the fault of the wind that wouldn't die. The bream drift was at 1.6 knots, plaice 1.4... Might be time to bring out the mud weights if it persists.

3rd sailing, was cancelled, as wind was forecast to increase. Guess what? My cock atop my roof is not moving as I type this... grrrr....

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