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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th April 2023

Heading out onto glassy, and horribly green seas, Max, Chris, Chris and Dan. To add to the potential for failure, some of the smallest tides of the year. Factor in my lack of hunting time so far this year, things were really looking bleak. And bleak things really were.

I had of course already performed my customer expectations routine. And yet, it was worse than even my pessimistic analysis of the session we were about to endure. Indeed, it was finding a small, less green patch of water over rock that bought the only two bass of the session, and both to Dan. One for the table, one released. A real grueller of a session. I immediately offered the two Chris's the option of not sailing on the next one, as they were booked on for that also, as well as rang the other two clients, Colin and George, to give them the option of sailing another time as they (and one of the Chris's) were booked on for the rest of the day. They declined the offer, as did the Chris's, and we all headed out for more hunting.

We hunted everywhere, until I had only one option. A spot where there is ALWAYS something on low tide. We went from zero, to an almost respectable five bass on that spot, which was something. But as I had warned the guys would happen, with the new flood the bass shoal went on to do something somewhere that I have yet to discover. With the rest of the session without action, everyone agreed that we would can the last session of the day, and save the money for better tides.

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