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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th August 2023


First sailing, and onto genuinely calm seas. A real dilemma on where to go. I really couldn't say. But, hoping for more topwater fun ,I went back to the scene of previous first sailing success. With me. all returning, Kas, Havel, David and Loz.

It was a bit like yesterday. The topwaters were working for a while, but 1lb fish. It took some searching around with the soft plastics to put food in the well. We did manage it in the end. Alas, no cod on this session. Five killed, from fifteen landed, and a lot of laughs had. Plus gurnard and mackerel of course.

Second and last sailing due to the, actually very accurate forecast of stiff SW breeze by 1400, I was joined by new to BIF1 Jeffrey, and returnee's Shinji and his daughters Mika and Alice. Jeffrey fairly new to the fishing, Shinji and daughters all with skills.

It was a very pleasant session. Winds remained ok until right at the end when the bouncing began a little. A few fish everywhere and not many anywhere kind of session. Highlights? I guess Mika landing cod number 9 for the season on BIF1, but also Jeffreys face as I did a demo cast to show him how we do it, which was intercepted by a quality schoolie also featured highly.

Final tally was fourteen bass landed, four killed, plus that cod. Mackerel and gurnard by catch once again. We headed back into a freshening wind, which as I type is battering my bushes. Wind does a North to south west swing again tomorrow, meaning just the first sailing will be happening. Thursday also in jeopardy. Friday more promising. Time will tell I guess.

FOOTNOTE - Forgot my big camera and my phone camera is weird when wet, but the accidental black and white photo of Alice with a bass I just had to use as... cover girl!

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