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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th May 2020

A real mixed up and very quick tales... It was supposed to be a repeat of the previous morning. But the fish didn't agree. We headed out, and the wind was indeed ENE, meaning we had some lee. We made the same drifts as the previous day. The bait-fish was there, but the bass were playing very hard ball. With it being small tides, and over the low tide period, I really needed to get offshore a little. But the wind wasnt going to allow that. We did nip out in one lull, an advantage of 25 knot cruising. But other than a pouting and a small wrasse, nothing doing. And that wrapped up the session. The worst one of the year so far. I had already cancelled the next two, based on the forecast, but the wind had stayed ENE and not increased.

I popped home and grabbed my lodger and her dog. They had yet to enjoy BIF1 and this was an opportune moment to experience it. They loved it, and I did a bit of fishing as we drifted enjoying a beer break. Typically, I managed a nice piece of silver. A perfect table fish, I offered it to my lodger. She declined. It was returned.

Last sailing I had held off on making a decision either way. Buoyed up by the conditions so far, I called it on . Big mistake. We stuck our nose out, then circled round and came back in. Sadly. the wind had shifted to the SE, our worse possible direction, and the sea was far too bouncy for good lure control. I consoled a very poor day, with a nice rainbow trout on the sedge at sunset. And the forecast for the first three sailings tomorrow is good, turning poor in the evening. So, fingers crossed for some redemption.

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