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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th May 2023

We have a quite unusual scenario occurring all this week, that sadly affects BIF1 operations. A week of strong NE winds. If you are going on a big boat, bait fishing or vertical jigging, it is not an issue. They are heavy vessels, and the requirement to keep properly in touch far less. But if you are coming aboard BIF1, where we effectively use perch tackle to catch bass, from a small, light vessel that is easily pushed across the tide by the wind, it is likely that the sailing will be cancelled, as chances of success become far slimmer, and you would be wasting your money, regardless of the flat seas.

I started with BIF1 in 2017, and have realised that climate change, and a jet stream that came south for a holiday not so many years ago, and like many Scott's realised it didn't want to go home, means it was a terrible time to enter the industry. Scotland now enjoys far calmer summers than in my youth, and we deal with the wind. And yet, I refuse to be that skipper that just complains a lot about my lot, and gets fat watching youtube all day.

What those of you that only know me since my association with BIF1 may not realise, is that I was actually a full time shore guide, since leaving a cosy IT job in that there London town in 2005. Indeed, I only entered the charter industry by being persuaded by probably the only person I listen to in the world. And I must say it has been a great six years to date. And yet, I still prefer shore guiding, and keep my insurance policy running (which has leaped incredibly in cost in recent years. Someone somewhere been drowning their clients?) I am also criminal conviction clear, as proved by disclosures Scotland. I mean, I have occasionally done 60 in a 50 and stuff like that, but they never caught me, so I got the certificate.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, there are just two scenarios I enjoy guiding bass on. One is on baits, into a stiff onshore gale. The other is on lures, with a screaming Northerly gale. Which is why I found myself on the shingle at an ungodly hour today, with Loz and Paul. The plan was to give them the confidence that their techniques and lure choices were on point, and to fill in why and when you would change lures. We went through the main techniques, and then fished on.

Any fish would have been a bonus on such an insipid tide. The smallest of the cycle, and with very little flow. And yet, fishes there were with both guys catching, Paul one small, Loz two quality. Only short sessions on sunny days, and I will only take a maximum of two people these days, as to try and give service to more, means my attention is more diluted to individuals requirements. As such, the cost is quite high, at £20 per angler per hour. All tackle and lures supplied if required. Wader owners will likely catch more as the week progresses.

If you arent finding fish despite owning all the lures everyone tells you work, or if you are keen to see what all the fuss is about before investing in your own tackle, it will likely be the best £60 you can spend. Bookings taken on the understanding that if that days sailing goes ahead, the shore session will be cancelled. If all of this is digestible and you want to play, simply send a text to 07970 112774. Current meeting times are 0400, so you will still get to work that day.

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