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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th November 2023

You wont believe this. Two sailings today. I sh*t you not. Neptune must have been distracted. Light winds for the first sailing, pretty much zero wind for the second sailing, meant I could go wherever I felt. And I felt like going back to where all those fishes are living at the moment.

First sailing, James, Max, Mark and David were on board. Quite chilly, unless there is lots of action. Happily, on the 3rd stop, there was lots of action. And the sun eventually got free of the clouds, which helped. Sizes were again on the disappointing side. And yet, the activity was frequent and fun. I would say that, despite just two being table fish, everyone enjoyed the session.

One other interesting thing during these three hours. I tried a bit of ground I haven't fished for quite a while. And we picked no less than five wrasse off of it. Wrasse are bold, hard fighting and beautiful, with hardly any spikey bits. Come February, when we are pleased just to get a tap on latex, this ground will be getting further attention.

Second sailing and it was my pleasure to welcome aboard Paul, Alex, Michael and Peter. Off we headed, and the fish were still there. Michael, with my permission and choreography (what he was about to do can majorly impact the other anglers on the boat due to the side slipping nature of the lure) and fishing for the pot, worked a pink jig with a set of herring feathers above.

The bass tally thirty two, with three killed. It took a bit longer to get on the fish, and the fish were quite flighty, which isn't surprising I guess. But with patience and plenty of stealth going around the drift, we picked away. Michaels rig was not filling up with strings of bass, which I had quite feared. But it was bringing in what the bass were feeding on, with joey mackerel and herring to good sizes. And also what I think is a boat first. A Poor Cod. Very interesting I thought, and if we have foodies on board, I will allow limited feathering. But with a lead, to avoid the side sliding. So it would be a bit of a choice, bass or pelagics... I will leave you with that thought.

Looking like a couple of days robbed by a stiff Northerly, but the weekend looking good (sold out though) as currently, does the first half of next week, which still has plenty of spaces. Check out the availability on the home page of this site. Scroll down when you get there.

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