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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd December 2023

I think the thing that mostly impressed us all today, across two sailings, was the "brrr" factor. First sailing, I had bass hardcore duo (that sounds like a lure...) Scott and Stewart. Only bass would satisfy these guys. So, only one guy was satisfied after hunting my entire range. Yep, Scott had a bass, and that schoolie was the only bass of the session. Stewart did have a nice wrasse as compensation, and we all had a few small whiting. Not the best session of the year for sure. And a complete shock after recent good numbers of bass being boated.

Second sailing, I welcomed aboard George, Ben, Nigel and Val. And for this sailing I was determined to see rods bending. Neptune was behind the plan. I opted for some rock in deeper water, mostly hoping for wrasse. And we did manage to land 7 wrasse, including a cracker for Val. But we also managed to boat, quite by chance, thirteen bass, although all smalls. 7 jumbo pouting made Val happy as he is a man who appreciates them for tea. And a single gurnard for a bit of variety. Had we herring feathers on board, I think we would have had 2 thousand silver darlings also on that session, with drift long shoals of fish abundant for the 2nd half.

Apologies for few pictures. It was not weather for de-gloving if it could be helped. It also seems that will be the last sailings until the 16th December if wind allows, as wind looks like it has ruined this coming week, and as long as the plane is allowed to depart, I am having a weeks break in foreign climes 8th to 15th December. Fingers crossed for calm winds after that, as I still do not feel it is over. Just an off day, and we get those even in July.

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