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Brighton Inshore Fishing - catch report 2nd June 2022

Having originally cancelled all sailings due to forecast stiff Easterly breeze, on awakening to find a light Northerly breeze indicated by my wind cock. I texted my crew to see who might actually be awake at 0500 to call the sailing back on. Three out of the four were up and responded, and we were away. Regular Mark, and new to BIF1 Oscar and Amirah. Newlyweds, as well as fishing buddies, and this trip to Brighton, effectively being their honeymoon.

Out onto far less green seas, and plenty of fish marking. Just not feeding. Quite annoying to be honest... Indeed, with one of my best rods on board, Mark, my own highly trained finger, plus Oscar with plenty of fishing time under his belt, the only two fish were caught by Amirah. The pheremone effect. Sadly, as the flood began, and the fish being marked were beginning to flash around more intently, so the forecast SE wind came, pushing against the tide, and it got to bouncy for anything close to lure control. Session abandoned after two hours.

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