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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd June 2024

First sailing was cancelled, due to forecast strong Northerly winds. Due to die out at 1100, the 0930 we did sail. Mark, Ian, Ray and Don on board. Very tough going indeed. Green seas everywhere. Hard to avoid. Just schoolies landed. And not so many.

Moving swiftly on, Mark was signed up for the following sailing, joined by Patrick, and new to BIF1, Jey and her son Elvis. Pressure was on. As was an unforecast SW wind that put a distinct bounce on. Had I known, with the green seas as well, I would have not put the trip on. But unpredicted wind is a harsh explanation to a nine year old SUPER keen angler like Elvis. With him strapped in to a solid life preserver, we pushed on.

It was super hard. Again, just a couple of schoolies. Even the plaice were playing hardball, just one and a dab. Bream were a little more obliging. And Elvis was really really good. He caught the most. I would say one of the most focused nine year olds I have met. I look forward to seeing him once the seas are clear and fishes more settled.

Final sailing I did cancel, based on the bouncy sea and two sailings with poor results.

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