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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd May 2022

First sailing, and first ever sailing with temporary office "Kestrel Warrior", which comes with its driver, Tony. This is such a result for me, as not only can I honor all my clients bookings, but all the legal responsibilities are on him. I can really focus on making you guys happy! And who better to be onboard, than the illustrated angler himself, my very good friend Charlie, who has been a regular both here and abroad with me for many years now. And with him, a very talented pike and perch angler Andy, who was keen to see what else lures could do. Which is why Charlie booked the trip. And also, the 1500 sailing.

First ask was squid. A great ask, but to save everyone being bored at the same time, and to maximise effort for bass, I suggested Charlie and Andy alternate a squid rod between them, as well as a lure rod. Squid fishing really is all about the awe of the creature, and appreciation of its culinary properties. The actual fishing is mind numbingly boring.

And both happened. The guys had three squid in total, Two to Charlie I think (although I seem to recall he is a former All England squid champs winner) and one to Andy. Which did make him very happy. Until he wanted a bigger one. Fenlanders. Never happy. Happily both he and Charlie did find bass, although sizes seem to be down inshore just now. Just one for the table from that session. For the later session, I suggested plaice, bream and then, when the tide died, bass once more.

Second sailing, I left Tony to honour an existing booking. A lovely family boarded, including a baby of perhaps just two years old. More cruise, than hardcore fishing session, so I took advantage to chase up some BIF1 stuff. Returning to once more take out Charlie and Andy.

Plaice, we caught. Wind was braking us on the drift quite heavily, but a trick learned last year saw the catch rate increase. As well as too many mackerel, although Andy was happy for those, as each one might be turned into a very large pike by this fish whisperer. Also small tub gurnards, and a small hound pup. Onto the bream, before the tide died.

But the wind brake meant covering ground was slow, and for bream I dont yet have any searching techniques. Tony did manage one though, a pretty girl, to show the isome routine does catch. Onto the bass. Where, Andy caught the biggest bass of the day so far, to make a brace going up the road to the Cambridgeshire fens. And a real pleasure to meet him. And always a pleasure to have Charlie on board. Charlie was shooting some video for his youtube channel. Search "Illustrated Angler". Andrew also has a channel. But I've forgotten what its called... fenlandfisher? Fenlandfishing? I know I am close. Charlie will know...

Onto the final sailing, a two hour last minute bolt on to compensate those that missed the previous days proposed bolt on... Damo, Mark, David and Andrej all returned. Given the choice of bass or squid, only Damo went for squid, which he landed one and dropped a couple more. Everyone else on bass. And bass everyone else caught. Two going up the road. More released. Not so many though, although I wasnt actually keeping count. Its very strange working in another office. It will take me a few days to get used to it. The good thing though, is Tony is a very confident skipper, and make mooring look a breeze. He also appreciates fish are wild creatures, and runs wide around the marks going up the drift. He is going to do well when I release him from my grasp, when BIF1 is fixed.

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Frank Parker
Frank Parker
May 03, 2022

An interesting few comments there from a new office including the plaice technique .. or maybe im reading it wrong and its a boat technique although as you said its not your office. Think i need to sort a sesh with you on the land if any free time as not up to time on a boat as yet FP

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