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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd May 2023

Another day with a single sailing stolen by an early start, before the wind veered and increased to steal the rest of the floaty day. Regular Tim was joined by new to BIF1 Nick and Mick, who after a lifetime of bait fishing, were keen to play with the light lines, for maximum smiles. My heart did sink a little though, as we exited the marina onto much greener / Orange seas once more. I think the overnight northerly winds have created a thermal current. Water in the shallows gets heated by the sun and rises. This in turn, gets pushed by the Northerly wind out towards mid channel. But that water had to be replaced, and colder water gets dragged in from further out. The water that was containing the rot away from the edges. And so the rot returns. Winds have now swung Easterly, so perhaps it will bugger off back to the offshore soon.

Fishing was much as yesterday. Indeed, the tally of nine bass landed was exactly the same. Nick and Mick both marvelled at how subtle the takes can be. So subtle, that they didnt react to the first few. Just the one table fish, for Tim, which leads me to believe the bulk of the quality fish are offhshore rubbing themselves together. The table fish a couple of days ago were showing the signs, sores and inflammation along their flanks.

Also looking like possibly no more sailings until after the weekend, sadly. Lets see how things pan out.

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