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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd September 2020

Bit hard going today. First up, Dean had returned, and with him, his friends, who happen to be twins, and very identical as if I didn't find names hard enough, Phil and Graham. The guys have fished with me before, so they were all revved up ready to score. Light winds, perfect viz, and stacks of bait fish around. Just, simply very few bass chasing them.

Not completely a disaster, we managed the grand total of 3 bass, and happily both Graham and Phil landed fish for the table. But on the whole, the session was tough, despite being very in contact with the lures. Very few bass marking. Very few bass inshore I suspect.

2nd sailing, and Sam from yesterday was back, to be joined by Max who had jumped on after seeing the great forecast. I would like to say, I dropped on the fish and we had a ball. But the reality of the situation, was that this sailing was similar to the first but with less bass. Indeed, just two fish landed. One nice one, to my rod, to take fish of the day. And when I realised that despite covering many miles there simply were very few bass around, I cancelled the final sailing. A dad and a lad. I cant allow dad's and lad's to experience such poor fishing.

This did enable me to bolt on some more time to Sam and Max's session. Not that it made very much of a difference. A couple of chunky mackerel at least, so fish for the guys to take home. Very poor. Got some wind tomorrow, so will be leaving it alone until possibly Friday, maybe Saturday, almost certainly Sunday. Fingers crossed some bass come to take advantage of the mackerel, as a lone Harbour Porpoise was doing. That is four consecutive days where we have witnessed marina mammals. If I see them for 7 consecutive days, I might well give up the fishing, and launch BIDT... Brighton Inshore Dolphin Tours...

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