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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd September 2023


First sailing, and unlike the previous day, when I called the day off, after loading clients on the boat on the morning (very rare) as the dreamy forecast XC had sent me to bed with was nothing like what the actual weather was on the morning. Very disappointing with clients from London and Essex, effectively sent back home. But this morning, Max, Pax, Giles and Chris had no such worries. We headed out, and with an hour of ebb to bottom of the tide we headed to a coddie spot.

Coddies had not read the script. Neither had the bass. My experience of this spot with bass is the odd big fish. But today, they were there in good numbers. Quality fish as well. We max killed quite quickly and returned plenty more table fish. But as the tide started to flood, it was a signal to the bass that they meant to go somewhere else for the early flood. All vanished, and off we set on the hunt.

It still was reasonable fishing, and we kept catching reasonably regularly all through. I would have to say a quite good session. Final tally 25 bass plus bits.

2nd sailing, and I FINALLY got young Cass out, with his friend Freddie and his dad Duncan. I say finally, because, check this out, this is his birthday treat from September 2022... And finally we got him afloat today. It is his birthday again shortly... And happily Neptune was quite kind.

It started well, with a few fish landed, then got a bit harder, as we hunted around for the fish. I set us up on a spot where we managed three cod last week, and happily the cod duly obliged, with Freddie being the lucky rod. A nice fish too.

Thanks to the dredger delaying the start time by 30 mins, we found ourselves fishing a bit that I hadnt intended (I went to go in 30 mins prior, then checked why the alarm had not gone off. There was 30 mins to run, but I had looked at all the intended ground, which meant I took us somewhere I had no intention to fish). And it led to the finish being quite excellent. All caught good fish, and I felt a bit of a fraud quietly and without revealing my reasons. Final tally, 18 bass, the cod, plus gurnard and mackerel. Or were the gurnard on the first sailing? It all starts to blur at this time in the evening.

Third sailing, and another birthday boy aboard finally. This wind doesn't just upset me and my income streams. Young kids also get very frustrated by it. I think all you that broke the weather should hang your heads in shame. And start connecting ladders so you can push the jet stream back to whence it came. James was accompanied by dad Martin, and both my regular Marks were aboard also.

This one felt a real struggle compared to the earlier ones. It started ok, and then a fairly stiff ESE wind made things a bit more difficult. Everyone rose to the challenge, and yet, suddenly, we were moving around a lot to find not a lot. Neptune was smiling a little. Of the eight bass landed, four were for the table, but I was worried for James. Every birthday junior deserves a something special from Neptune, right?

It wasn't looking good at all. I bounced around marks, but nothing anywhere. Truly sterile. With just thirty minutes to run, I elected to run the cod spot that was crawling with bass in the morning. Not now though. However, I forgot what a tease Neptune can be. James rod smashed over. Really over. Something special from Neptune. And that something special? A cod of course. I mean, we were fishing the cod spot...

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