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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th April 2021

First sailing, and the return of Martin and Carl. And annoyingly still with that stiff NE breeze, although a tiny bit less than the previous morning. On assessing the guys requirements, of course, they were keen for bass, and to see the plaice, and, take home some mackerel and herring... Hmm...

With the tide the way it was, I proposed we fish bass the first two hours of the session, and do everything else with the new flood. That plan was agreed. The last time these guys had been out on BIF1 was in December, just before I headed out to Portugal. And it had been a cracker. I had to emphasise that this was unlikely to reach those proportions. They of course understood completely, as they are followers of my ramblings within this blog. But it was quite true to the point. A couple of fish dropped, and a couple landed, happily including one for the table.

We actually were enjoying the suddenly reduced wind, and ran into everything else time. With the bass fishing so slow, the guys were happy for a larder stop. On went the hoover rig. Just one plaice for the table, zero herring, but plenty of mackerel, including some chunky ones. Happy guys left, and it sounds likely you will be reading about them on a monthly basis, weather permitting.

Next up, was Luc and Jude. Luc, an easy going guy of South African heritage, was clearly in his happy place the moment he stepped on board. There are more operations like mine in S.A. waters, and I think some kind of nostalgia rush going on. Never was there a more contented looking face. Jude I had bumped into on the shingle, when he came for a chat, attracted by the bass I kept catching, last year. Now he was along to check out what Captain Fishyrob had to offer. "Erm... Guys... I cant help but remind you, its early season..." But actually, this session went a little better.

We were finding bass just often enough to make it fun. The finally tally was eight, with two for the table, with others missed and dropped. Banter was good. Moods were good. Trip was... good. Then with 40 minutes to run, Jude mentioned he wouldnt mind some mackerel for the table... Off to the mackerel sands... And a dozen apiece to accompany the bass. Not too shabby for a cold day inshore.

Final sailing, and I was delighted to welcome aboard for the first time, a very accomplished fly angler, my first fly client of this year. Yvonne is a keen competitive trout angler, but living close to the sea, wants to now expand the passion. And I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to watch her cast. She does it... properly. As opposed to my technique, brutally. Her line rolled out all nice and everything. But it is quite a jump from reservoirs to seas, where winds on the boat are magnified and made complicated by strong currents. A fast learner though, two opportunities sadly without hook up. We had found a nice drift, with plenty of fish on it. All small, but at the moment, and on the fly, we would take that. I made 9 or 10 on the Axia mighty minnow in 28gm, and, to make sure she didnt blank, we swapped rods for a while. It didnt take long before she too snagged a schoolie, And then, she wanted back on the fly rod. A very determined lady.

But the fly rod also, was not without a catch. And a first for BIF1. Our first fly caught whelk... It did rather make us both giggle. I hope to see Yvonne again, once we have more reliable shoals of bigger sized fish chasing the crab peels. Cold seas affecting such things this year it would seem, although the spider crabs are in close in big numbers regardless. But wow, does she have good skills. And so she should. She's been fly fishing for the last 25 years as it turns out.

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