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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th August 2020

Poor Charlie and Rob. Dragged themselves out of bed at silly o clock to head down, from deepest, darkest Essex. Forecast was for the strong N wind to decrease steadily all day. Hmm... Forecasts. It actually did seem to be going that way, although the fishing was very hard going with poor, but not impossible, visibility to the sea after the recent heavy rain and strong winds. But then, on moving further west, to hunt better viz, which we did find, along with a fish for Rob, the wind stepped up several notches. Although less than a mile offshore, the wind was pushing up waves, and white water was all around us. Additionally, it was brutally cold. We all agreed. Early breakfast, and lets see about the following sailing after that, as the guys had booked for 6 hours. Of course, the wind continued unabated, so even after an Ozzy breakfast and two latte's at the Cherry Tree Cafe just outside the Octagon in the village square, there was no chance of sailing again, and the guys headed off back to the land where I once did fish. Essex.

Final sailing, and I welcomed back BIF co-founder Bruce, with his friend Antony. I was thinking I would have to cancel this sailing also, but just 45 minutes before it was due, finally, the wind dropped in half, and then half again. Game on. Viz had not got so much better though, and as such, fishing was tough. Bruce won the man of the match, taking two of the three bass that came to the boat. Although not actually taking them. The fish got a lucky break on this occasion. Antony taking the 3rd, and yours truly missing just two opportunities. Very tough going.

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