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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th June 2023

Another day ruined by the wind. But not the whole day. The tiniest window existed with a 0500 start, so I called this trip on. Joining me all returnee's, Richard, Mark Alex and Patrick. Wind and sea state dictated where we could fish, which was a shame as I really wanted to get back to where the numbers were. Yet we were going fishing, which, in this ever windier country, is a triumph in itself.

Fishing was actually ok. I didnt find any mega shoals, but just enough small groups to be entertaining. One definite theme of the day were the shoals were constantly moving. Normally, we find some fish, drift through them, go around and repeat. This time, if we went round, the fish were no longer there. I found it better to find a shoal of fish, and keep the drift running until no more fish showed on the sounder. This bought slightly better interest.

I say slightly better, because of course the bass are still obsessed with little things. None of the takes were slamming, and way too many fish just dropping off, due to tentative hook holds, in itself due to the fact the bass arent really wanting the shad. Its just the technique has triggered their response. Many absent fathers will recognise that moment, when you cant hold back. Bass are no different with their food.

We landed a total of fifteen bass, and from that five were for the table. More interesting facts. Four of those were from the same small patch. This suggests a food source so worth the effort, bigger fish have taken over the table. And is an area I will be investigating more. Most likely a concentration of spider crabs. However, with the next 7 days blown out at sea, and weeded out on the open beach, anybody wanting to get going on the rivers, drop me a text to 07970 112774. Next week has good opportunities, and I have some vacancies remaining.

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