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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th June 2024

The last 0400 alarm for the year for BIF1 related activities, although I am determined to find a home for BIF2 this year and likely locations mean 0400 starts will be a lay in. But that is all to come. For now it is very much all about the bass. Firsr sailing, Max, Kieran, Al and, now having to travel all the way down from near Colchester in Essex, Chris.

I had that "Really...!" feeling as we exited the marina entrance. Clearly the breeze had maintained over night and not fallen away, as the tell tale long, deep swell created by a breeze from the NW was very much in evidence. No danger, but no lure control either. With results being far more important to me than money, a combination I often cancel on. Yet, we were here, so we cracked on.

For not a lot initially, despite marking some good fish. I suspect that, with fish already hesitant to hit the shads, the tiny takes that do occur were being lost to the troughs of the waves. It was noticeable that a move to flatter seas induced the first take, of many, from which a grand total of 19 bass were landed. Biggest just shy of 62cm, with big 50's for backup, and a dozen smalls. It did seem we took on the conditions, and we won. Most enjoyable.

Post Cafe Zio's breakfast, Chris from Essex remained, joined by another Chris, and Martin, both from Essex, and Lol, from just down the road. Well, along the road. Well, Hove, actually... This one started well. I knew exactly where I wanted to be, winds were almost nothing, and Martin nailed a table fish first cast. Chris then got cod no2 of the 2024 season... which is just ridiculous... Kind of perfect. Too perfect? I am a firm believer in the curse of first cast results and this session once more highlighted the phenomenon.

Now the wind returned. In various directions causing the boat to shimmy in various directions with the inevitable tangles that produces. The tide eased back and so did the bass, likely dissuaded by the 80 zillion mackerel that arrived. And that was just under our boat. Lol and a Chris went on a small metal to find they are very easy indeed to catch, and smokers will be being primed about as I type these words.

But bass, despite much running around, were no more. They were there in good numbers, but being blown across the tide does nothing for catch returns, and with the tide so week, and the breeze so strong, we were eventually being pushed back over the tide at 0,7 knots. Thats quite a lot for my boat with five men on board. Hence, three bass was the grand total, with just the one for the table.

3rd and 4th sailings cancelled due to poor forecast. I think we will get tomorrow mornings in, and maybe something Tuesday, but the rest of the week is really looking like god has a thing against the charter fishing industry. This will provide shore opportunities. If you are interested in catching bass by bait, lure and fly without a floatie thing, send a message SHORE and YOUR NAME to 07970 112774 to be added to a whatsapp group where trips are decided. Full insurance, Disclosures Scotland approved, ,maximum 2 rods. Full tackle and bait supplied. £20 per hour per angler. Most sessions based on 4 hours fishing.

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