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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st August 2020

First and second sailings, were with Mark, Damien and Garry. The guys, all regulars on BIF1, agreed to create a social bubble together to keep on fishing together. Very flattering. and also pins down the per person cost, as the 3rd person actually tips the per person cost below the previous rate of £60 per session, to... erm... £53.33 ?

Winds were much kinder than the previous day, and viz improved considerably, and continued to improve all day, happily. And as such, the fishing was also improved. We spent the slack tide, trying to find a coddie. And had a very close call, with one biting the tail section to just shy of the hook, after a very brief contact. Nothing else doing though. Onto the bass. Still hard going though, but far more opportunities than on the previous evening.

Garry started well. On the first session, he found four of the eight fish. Damo, staying determined with the vertical jigging, manged two, and just a single fish for Mark and myself.

Second sailing was a lot better in many respects. But as much as the fishing was better with a total of 12 bass landed, with most being quality fish, it began slow. I was out on spots that are usually very reliable, but there werent any fish whatsoever marking on the sounder. Same for the second spot. The reason soon revealed itself.

Dolphins which were actively feeding all around us for a brief while. Always an uplifting sight but what was a little different, was that as they were working hard, they were breathing hard. The sound of air rushing through their blowholes was far more evident than I think I have ever heard before. Awesome when nature puts on a show. I forgot to mention in yesterdays blog, that we saw Harbour porpoise, which also were feeding, far more gently and refined, close to us for a while.

Final sailing, and just David out with me. His good lady was also originally scheduled, but had to withdraw last minute. So, she sent cake by way of compensation... Wow!!! She can cancel anytime she likes on that basis. The cake was awesome ...

Sadly the fishing less so. Just 3 bass landed, plus 4 mackerel. Indeed, the amount of bait that had built since the morning on this area was significant. I think it just needs the bass to reccy what is going on and we could be back to bigger hauls. Time will tell. Cuttles as always thinned right out in that blow, but a few days of settled weather will bring them back in close, and with them hopefully more bass and more cod.

I have still got an 1100 slot left available on Wednesday (2 individuals or WBC) on a now great forecast if any of this sounds like fun. I cannot guarantee the dolphins, but the fishing should simply get better and better with the viz. To all be ruined Thursday by wind of course...

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