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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd April 2022

First sailing, Max, Malley, John and Stuart. were wrapped for a very chilly run out. With a little bit of ebb, a low and a new flood all in the one session, I was a little torn as to what to do. We settled on first two hour (last of ebb and low tide) bassing, and the early flood, we would try the plaice.

And it went reasonably to plan. Sort of. As well as the bass, we only went and found a coddie. Well,. Malley did. And what a battle. I really thought it was a decent bass, especially as the mark we were fishing is perhaps the only bit of rock that has never given me a cod before. And although one swallow a summer does not make, this COULD be the beginning of a spring cod run. I will certainly me checking out my regular cod spots on future sailings.

Bass weren't crazy but there was two for the table, from five landed with two others dropped off. Getting better every day. A grey gurnard joined the party., as did a tiny tub. But the plaicing wasn't too bad, on the new flood, although barring two fish, sizes were small.

Second sailing, we kept John, who was joined by Mark and Damo, plus another Mark, also returning. Last of the flood, to top of the tide. We started on the plaice, which now, were much more difficult. Very touchy, lots dropping off. Those landed mostly small. Mark managed a skinny mackerel.

The bassing was not great either, all smalls. Lots of running around but once we lost the tide, it really was slow fishing. Not a great session, but happy people so smiles all round regardless. Oh, and a little irony. Damo put a squid rig on and bagged one first drift. That one squid on last nights squid session, would have been worth £160 to me, as the deal was if one squid got caught, I would charge everyone, but if no squid were caught, as was the case, it was a free ride... And they call Jansen "the gambling Angler"...

Third sailing, Mark Damo, Sarron and Loz steamed with me out of the marina, to turn around and steam back in. The wind had swung to the SW, and with the tide now ebbing, it was not conducive to good lure control. Sailing abandoned, as are the next few days at least looking at the charts.

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