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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd August 2020

First sailing, and a suprise birthday trip for Richard, arranged by his son Jacob. Conditions were extremely gusty, with a much stiffer NW wind than had been forecast. NW winds are strange affairs. Despite coming off the land, they often still kick up a westerly roll into the wave patterns, amplfied by the engergy still remaining from the stiff SW wind, which had only given up the fight around midnight. In short, it was a bit bouncy.

However, I had a plan in my head, and it was out on the further rocks, so we splashed out anyhow. Certainly nothing like a big lump of wind folded boat spray to make you alert. And with the wind, alert is the name of the game, even with the fishing. It makes keeping in touch with what is going on with your lure so much more difficult. However, we did nail a small fish at the first spot, and the guys had the hang of the method in no time at all.

Then it was down to hunting some fish. Happily, we found a few off the back of my zone, as when we were forced back in tight by the wind, there was distinctly less fish activity. I ran a few close ones, but the common message was bass dont seem to want to be in tight at the moment. Other than right back close to home, where we added another couple to the tally. But with three in the well for dinner, plus a pretty wrasse and an ugly cuttlefish both released to add to the interest, I think it was a few hours well enjoyed. I certainly did.

Coming back out, with lads Lewis and Samuel, and dad Peter on board. it was into fairly light winds, but there was still a swell which said dont go out further. I ran east, but since the last crab peel ended, it has been quite patchy along there. A small schoolie, and a garfish for Peter. I looked in every nook and cranny I know, but eventually I ran west, hoping that things had improved with the now ebbing tide. The wind by now, had been much increased, and slightly more westerly. Then, suddenly it lulled.

"We are going to run offshore while this wind is off" said the now desperate charter skipper. Lads MUST catch. We splashed out to one of my more reliable spots in an ebb tide, and straight away the sonar marked fish. We cracked on. Everyone onboard was fishing really well, and with kinder conditions the toll would have been high with the size of the shoal below us. But these were very unkind conditions. Suddenly, young Lewis's rod screamed away. A proper fish very apparent, big head shakes and a screaming reel. He handled it excellently with patience, as rushing an angry fish rarely ends well. This story, did have a happy ending. A real belter. And on the next drift, the wind said no more fishing, picking up very quickly, and suddenly a mass of white horses all around. Time to head in, happily with the weather, which meant a fast and safe return.

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