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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd December 2022

Absolute borderline this morning. I had already cancelled the day, but with Scott and Stuart, who had chartered the whole boat being salty sea dogs that understand what a biting NE wind can do, and both being local, we agreed to call it on the morning, to see what wind we actually got. Well, it was sub 14 at 0630, so I made the decision to call it on.

Yet as we headed out, the wind really funnelled. I wondered if we would make it past the mouth but actually that wasn't too bad. Just the usual long swell a NE creates with the last of the flooding tide. Was definitely not for anything other than the edges though. These were a lot clearer than the previous day happily.

Not so happily in some respects though. As in, no fish. I continued hunting but it was becoming clear. Other than a tiny mackerel, we didn't have a fish for the first hour and a half. And then, the wind eased back a little. With a good strong ebb still happening, I got the guys braced for a bouncy ride, and headed offshore.

It was quite horrible, and if it wasn't for all the fish lighting up my sounder, we wouldn't have stayed long. Brutally cold. Bit bouncy, although of course not unsafe. Did I mention the cold? Not that anyone was bothered. From the first drop, until the end of the session, it was fish on. Final tally was 63, and for the first hour, mostly 3 and 4lb fish. As we clearly had an impact on the shoal, so the smaller ones were allowed in to play, and sizes dropped. Still, a fantastic haul, and the best session of the year statistically for bass this year. Almost like they were waiting for the close season to come find me.

Final sailing I cancelled. With imminent flooding tide, the wind over tide situation would likely have caused a bouncy sea, especially if the wind did come up to forecast, which it had begun to hint as as we came back to the berth. Tomorrow, much of the same. I will call the sailing in the morning. If we cant get off a bit, there is not too much point in sailing I feel.

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