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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd July 2024

Another tiny window to beat a few days of stiff WSW winds. With me Nick, Mick, Fadi and Mazen. I wanted to get out to where the table fish reside, but only half way there and the swells were already telling me to get back in tight. A shame.

Action aplenty though. In tight at the moment, the mackerel have finally pushed a lot of bait shorewards, so we have the mixed mackerel and small bass, with the odd scad in the mix, happening right up to the beach. Shore anglers have been waiting for this for a while, and it is good to see the lure anglers along the coast are finally reporting multiple catches. As for us, 18 bass landed, with just one creeping over the 42cm. Small Fish Syndrome at its worst, because we had 19 thousand million bass beneath us hitting the zillions of sand eel, graphically illustrated in the photo above.

On returning to the marina, and having said goodbye to the guys, I also got checked by S.I.F.C.A. who had spotted me managing some bait (spider crabs for a shore session with clients this afternoon) who then came to investigate. Although many of my crabs were under the minimum size limit for retention, because they were bait, they are not being retained, and as such, are exempt. I had always theorised this may be the case, and it turns out it is. So, I highlight this tale for the education of all us bait bashers. Good news.

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