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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd June 2020

A back to back double session with Martin. The main objective was not so much to find fish, but to give Essex based Martin some hands on explanations on the marks (he had a hand held GPS to mark the spots) but more critically, the how, and when to fish them. Many of the spots I fish are only fish rich on certain parts of the tide, and this was the basis of the session.

Good job as well. Plaice were not playing. A couple of half hearted takes and drop offs. Bass, well, they were playing but were mostly obsessing about the brit, and were particularly hard to locate. We only landed half a dozen, five smalls, one cracker.

But Martin left with a bulging GPS, and I should imagine he will put the info to good use in the near future. Some weirdness at sea as well. Down the Southwick end, a NW gale. In Brighton, a Northerly breeze... But my 3rd sailing guy checked in during the gale, so I cancelled the session. I think actually, all would have been fine. Sorry Peter. But I dont want to drag you all that way if it is 50/50.

Final sailing, and young Ash joined me. Intrigued by "Finger power". And he left fully certified, wondering how many bass he didnt catch over his fishing lifetime. I could describe finger power, but I wont. It is much better to be shown. Would you agree Ash? If I did comments, he would agree

Fishing wise, it was an easy choice for me. The wind meant we were staying in tight. But, a big North wind works well for BIF1, as we can set up to drift off the rock ledges that run all the way from Brighton to Eastbourne. And happily, there was baitfish and bass in attendance. Not crazy fishing, but steady enough to keep the interest. And the fish were not slamming. They really didnt want to eat at all. This is where finger power really makes a difference. We put together perhaps 15 bass to 3lb in the session, with others lost. Bonus bye catch, a very lively garfish and a spider crab. All in all, I feel the fishing getting better... Lets see what tomorrow brings, before our old friend wind removes it all for a few days...

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