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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd November 2021

Another two cycles of tide, and the viz was looking far better for Purbeck angling proprietor Dean and his angling buddy Mark's return. Not that it really mattered. As for the first 2.5 hours, we had covered a lot of ground for just two schoolies.

The final thirty minutes however, we managed a further seven fish, and the fish I was looking for. Some very barrel shaped fish around at the moment, from a summer of excellent feeding. Indeed, a summer of gluttony! A new PB for Mark, Deano got in on the action too. A great finish to a mostly slow session.

Second sailing, and returnees Nathan, Peter, Bill and Lewis. Lewis and Bill rescheduled from the previous day. And it all started so well, with fish landed, and a nice brace for the table for those that wanted. And then, the wind picked up and became a real problem.

Stiff Northerlies. I can work with them and often find good fishing, if the very close inshore viz is good. But, that still was not the case, and we struggled for the next two hours. Reverse of the first session really. Six fish landed, just those two for the table.

This final shot is something very strange. An albino Mullet. Wether sick, poisoned by Southern Waters constant bombardment of my office with untreated effluent, or a genuine albino, I guess we will never know.

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