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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th August 2021

First sailing, and Stuart and Jon returning. And yet another struggle. We fished hard, and thankfully, found four quality bass. But it really was challenging, despite great conditions for a change. Both guys went home with big smiles and bass in their bags, and yet, it left me quite unsatisfied. Thats three sessions on the trot that have been a bit of a struggle.

So, what do you do? Second sailing, I was joined once more by Peter and his ten year old lad Leo. Now, kids MUST catch, because if nothing else, catching holds their attention, and a not bored kid is far more likely to catch than a distracted kid. How to make this happen? Well, my standard approach when struggling on a patch of ground is to fish as far away from it as I can. So, we did just that. Indeed, the conditions were that good I took a look at the outer reefs. Bingo...

Nine fish were landed, between the two of them. And it has to be said Leo was a long way from being a bored kid, as he nailed the bulk of them. A fishing superstar in the making. Every single fish drew his admiration. He was just so happy to be there, and be catching, and so sad when it came to an end. despite a great session. that dad Pete is now looking to book a double session for next time. Not a bad plan, as next time will almost certainly be with some coddie hunting thrown in.

Third and final sailing, and really champagne corks should be flying. Mum Heidi finally dropped off boys Cassius and Forest, plus husband Phil, after trying to get them out with me since LAST SEPTEMBER!!! Heidi now holds the record for the most cancelled trips ever on BIF1. So, to finally get them out, and give Cassius his dream, of catching his first ever bass, was on.

And OMG. What a day. I didnt expect to see skills same as Leo's from more nippers on the same day. But these boys had skills. What is even more amazing, is that Cassius learned the skills from practicing what he learned, from YOUTUBE. And boy, these kids, 10 and 12, could fish. All my worries vanished within minutes of handing them their rods.

Just down to me then. To put them on fish. Which I did. Mackerel, gurnard, wrasse, bream... And then, finally, bass. And as the flooding tide increased in strength, so did the bass numbers with all three catching fish. Eight in total. Sizes were less impressive than earlier, but there were two going up the road, along with a dozen super plump mackerel. And more importantly, three very excited boys walked away from BIF1, leaving one very satisfied skipper to hose down the carnage. A very succesful day.

Which is great, as unfortunately, wind shutting me down at least until Monday next week. Anyone reading this, with bookings during that time, please reach for PLAN B.

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