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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th July

Yes... Thats right, we actually sailed this morning. Only this morning, because already we have a stiff SW breeze come to steal the rest of the day. But at least we sailed this morning. Max and Jude, regular regulars, Chris, becoming regular, and he boght his schooldays friend Dan along as well, to see what might happen. Dan had not held a rod before.

However, due to that, within ten minutes he was working the lure and casting as well as anyone. Fishing isnt really that difficult. Not the base skills anyhow. Much harder to, say, drive a car, and yet we all crack on with that no bother. It was though, a tough session. For the first half, due to a stiffer than forecast NW wind, and then of course, we just had dead water till low, without the option to get offshore a bit, which is where I prefer to prospect over low water.

It wasnt terrible though either. Lots of bait around, and we managed to extract seven bass from among them, with three fish plenty fine for the table. A gurnard also to Jude, and big smiles all round. This wind hasnt just been driving me potty. Incidentally, first sailing tomorrow looks good to go, with two spaces available so if you fancy a go yourself, drop me a text on 07970 112774

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