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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th June 2020

Today rather confirmed what I had suspected. There ARE stacks of bass inshore. And as last year, They are so surrounded by food, getting them to snap at a lure is getting tough. All the signs are there. So many fish dropping off, due to lack of commitment. Most takes, are the tiniest of plucks, that without finger power you simply would not know about.

First up, was Will returning for more action. But action was very slow. As I say, I was marking stacks of fish, but the lures, even when fished with triggering tactics, were mostly being ignored. The fly rod bought better results, with a real slugger hooked. But even this simply dropped off, as it was more annoyed at the audacity of my small deceiver, than with hunger in its belly. Final results, two schoolies for Will, and a single fish for me.

Next Steve was up for a go. He also quite wanted a little go on the plaice. This suited, as there was a spot I have been meaning to try for plaice for a long time. A big patch of sand, surroinded by rock, in fifty feet of water. This rock, meant that trawlers dont trawl here, and I was hopeful for some bigger fish. First one up, was a nice fish, over the 1lb mark, followed by some smalls and a dab. I think this mark will need some further attention.

Some bass did show an interest though. I forget the final tally, (been fishing twice since this trip preparing for a weekend of shore work) but there was just enough interest to salve the guilt when taking the payment. Weekend now ruined by wind. Monday onward, back to making the best of it in Notherly winds. There is a silver lining though. If we get the winds that are forecast, it might be just enough to split up the britt shoals, and possibly allow the best fishing of the inshore season so far. Time, as always, will reveal.

New pricing as of this week. £80 individuals max 2. Whole boat charter £160. For those deemed at risk, and who sheltered, the discounted price of £100 is still available for whole boat charter, but I will need to see some proof of sheltering during lockdown.

Some slots still available next week, and some individuals spots also. As always, 07970 112774 to get on board.

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