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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th May 2022

Just two sailings today. First sailing, new to BIF1 (Something I dont think I will be saying a lot of in this fiscally challenging climate) Peter and Jack, were joined by regular Bill. With the last trickle of ebb, low tide, and full flood, it had to really be a bass and squid session. Starting with bass.

Clues of the arrival of the newly hatched baitfish fry were apparent from the beginning. Seagulls were all over the inner fairway of the marina, and continued for many meters out to sea. As Jack and Peter were new to the finger power, it seemed that, although likely only small fish, this would be a great fast trainer to get the guys fishing the shads correctly. And so it was to prove. Jack definitely got the hang of it first, nailing fish after fish. Peter took a tiny bit longer. I think he was waiting for firmer indications, whereas, the reality is, they are not so common. But the ghost bites are often easier to convert to hooked fish.

As predicted, small fish, and I wanted to get to the squid spot over the zero tide period. This again went quite well, with two big squid, one for Jack, one for Bill, and a cuttlefish to my own rod. Then, with the new tide, we spent it drifting for quality bass, of which we found none.

Back to Cafe Zio for breakfast. On mooring, a great display of why all the fish we had just marked refused to hit the shads. Pin fry obsession, as shown on the video, Anyone remember the frustration last year? Its back. This time I will try harder to find a solution.

The wind, forecast to pick up, really had not that much. As such, we decided to head back out and see what happened. Had it been bass, likely I would have canned it, but the guys were happy to fish for plaice and bream.. With a strong tide running, assisted by wind, I asked Tony (the skipper) to go to one of our regular big plaice drags. He handles his Offshore 25 very well, I have to say. He instinctively brings it onto the mark with all the respect the quarry, a creature every bit as wild as a rabbit or a deer, and with similar survival instincts, deserves for maximum results.

The plaice were there in good numbers. Initially sizes were pretty small. But then an increase, and a slight shift in the wind, took us onto a patch we rarely fish. It was Tony that made the link. "They are bigger here" he said. And they certainly were. This will now be named... "Tony's patch" on the plotter. As well as his boat handling, I like his observational skills as well. All qualities you must possess, for good results in this fish depleted world.

The wind did come up, and a swell ruled out any chance of breaming. We agreed to continue plaicing until we lost the tide, as the plaice would be much harder to tempt. More quality fish, plus another cuttlefish which, as yesterday, liked the isome worm too much. And home, before the wind against tide roll of the ebb into the stiffening SW breeze.

Currently have an empty boat at 0630 tomorrow. If any squid fans out there can make it, this is THE session to take, with lots of dead water, perfect for the most enjoyable way of catching them, the free cast "Egi" jig. As always, and SMS to 07970 112774 with your name secures your space, for the 0615 meet event.

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