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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th August 2022

Joe, Jack, Josh and Nick. Such a shame Nicks folks didnt call him Jimmy. This was second sailing. First sailing was binned, due to a strong NW wind. But that was dropping away at 1100, when second sailing was beginning. And the afternoon sailing was also looking good.

Of course, forecasts are not one hundred percent accurate. About fifty percent accurate today. Direction, spot on. Strength, not even close. Mo dropping away. Indeed, increasing. Not the 8 mph breeze that was promised. As such, lure control was very difficult indeed. Overweighting, yes, we could beat it. But the shad sizes are rather unattractive to the bass just now. The guys did well for the four small bass and chunky mackerel. Me, I beat Damo's smallest pollack on BIF1 record. 3rd sailing was cancelled as it became apparent the forecast was way off. Some hopes for better things next week, including this weekend. Apparently. According to the forecast...

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