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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th February 2023

A swing to the North overnight, and on this single sailing, at 1200 to combine the slight NE wind and the ebb tide for maximum movement, Joe, Sam, Mark and Dave came out onto much better plaice conditions, with a visibly clearer sea. However, it is still very early in the plaice season so you still need to work for every fish.

And as a skipper, I have to try in lots of spaces. Soon, they will concentrate and we will be able to accumulate good numbers in a tight area as they settle onto known food sources. At the moment though, they are scattered all over the seabed.

Best one today came to Mark, at 45cm, the biggest of a grand tally of seven. Whiting and a lone mackerel were the supporting act. Definitely tough going, but I have an empty boat Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week on what looks to be chilly but ideal plaice conditions. I will likely look to just run the 1200 sailings, so if drifting around in strong late winter sunshine, on pleasantly light breezes, targeting skinny plaice on starch and metals is your thing, please drop a line to 07970 112774. Foodies need not currently apply though. These are not table fish.

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