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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th July 2022

Once again, and looking at the forecast possibly the theme for the next seven days, the wind only catered for the first sailing. Not the best bit of tide, and again plagued by a brisker than forecast NW wind, the biggest difference between today and yesterdays sailing, other than a different crew, was the fishes willingness to come to the top, despite the unbroken sunshine.

Joining me were returnee's Mitch, Chris and Mark, and new to BIF1 Ferencz, although I am suspicious we will see more of Ferencz, as he took to the ways of BIF1 very naturally. The fishing was only just good enough to not call it poor, but we have definitely seen better fishing. Typical of the current food glutted waters, we marked a hell of a lot of fish, got interest from quite a few, but landed only eight for the session.

Of those eight, just two were for the table, the rest all being 40cm fish, a sign of efficient commercial harvesting IMHO. But of course, when the fish are taking off the top, there are all the exciting misses that keep your heart in your mouth. Just remember though, these misses are also very likely happening below the water also, as the fish think twice about hitting your shad or hard plastic. You just dont get to see it.

Incidentally, next Sunday (10th) first sailing has come available again, and quite likely will be the only sailing of that day. First to text 07970 112774 will secure.

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