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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th June 2022

Further tales of woe, mixed with a rich irony sauce, and served with lashings of I hate this time of year on so many levels... First the irony, The previous day, all sailings had been cancelled due to a screaming Northerly wind, which would send the boat scudding across the tide and make lure fishing impossible. It does however, make for great shore fishing, as that wind will take a lure many yards past what is possible without it. Add in heavy rain, to keep the beach mostly biped free, and you have what I consider perfect conditions. And so it was to be, as I managed eleven fish, all on surface lures, in the early morning, and five fish, all on 14gm Axia mighty minnow in the evening.

Which is why, the frustration. And the irony. First sailing, with super keen Dean (Purbeck angling proprietor) and Mark on board, running the full length of my current range, although wind prevented us being offshore, for just a single bass. Second sailing, Pedro, Roy, Roy and John, the final group from the Portuguese fishing club, and for 1.5 hours of bassing, just three landed. One scraping in for the table. A switch to plaice on lures saved blanks, and almost triumphed when John was briefly attached to one of those 50cm plus fish (you can tell from the battle)), but on the whole it was a pretty poor day afloat.

Determined to see if it was simply a fishless day, or if the bass are simply running THAT tight, I returned to the spot of my previous days catches on the shingle. Reasonable conditions but not a single touch. Thats how our seas work in recent years its seems. Feast or famine. Today, was definitely more about famine. And now a week which looks to have just one sailing, tomorrow morning, before westerly winds dominate and BIF1 remains firmly docked. Time to get the bait gear ready...

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