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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th May 2022

On paper a quiet day, although it turned out far from it. First up, it was just John joining Tony and myself aboard "Kestrel Warrior VI". It was crazy just John and I fishing KW's large deck space, so this time I got Tony also involved. First off, as we fished the last of the ebb tide, it was bass the target. John is a regular crewman with "Proteus" skippered by Steve Green, and also has his own boat, recently upgraded to an 8.0 Barracuda. Hugely experienced in everything bait and wreck, he was curios to know about the light stuff and latex.

The bass were playing quite well, until fairly near low. When it was time to have a go on the squid. John mastered the technique (we were fishing proper EGI style) and managed no less than two, which I have to say is pretty good for the first go.

Second sailing, we said farewell to John, and said hello to Duncan. Duncan was on a bit of a species challenge/ We started hunting bass, but they simply refused to take, despite marking many... Micro fry... At which point I noticed some bream marks. A quick drop with the bream rig and isome, produced one each for Tony and Duncan. Onto the place grounds, where more super plaice were waiting, among very many small ones. Also a tub and a grey (I think...) Gurnard to keep the species list moving. A dab for a bonus. And a great display from a shoal of bass smashing the pin fry on the dock at the marina.

That was all the bookings. But I had some great news on returning. BIF1 was released to the boatyard by the mechanic. And the boatyard, understanding the value of every moment BIF1 is working, managed to slip her back in. So happy, initially. And then I reflected for a moment. Something was making me sad. I suddenly realised Tony had grown on me more than I perhaps realised. That happy, eternally optimistic soul, had worked with me from dawn to dusk, and had made my life even easier. With such an excellent skipper at the helm, it enabled me to spend even more time with my clients.

As I watched "Kestrel Warrior VI" turn to starboard and head for the open sea, I realised that had I never been bullied into rubber and plastic by TRONIXPRO MD George cunningham, some eleven years ago, that boat would have been everything I would have wanted, to share the delights of light line bait fishing. I think we will be hearing much of her and skipper Tony in the future, and for all the right reasons.

I collected BIF1 and bought her through the lock. I checked my messages, to find I had all but sold out the 0615 meet sailing, with just one space remaining. And also identified it would be the only sailing of the day due to wind. This was a shame as I have two French friends staying, brother and sister, Pierre, and Anne-Marie. And I was to take them out. However, as I drove skipper Tony back from Newhaven to collect his car, I noticed calm seas... I quickly prepped them to be ready on my return to go to sea.

And go to sea we did. A Spider crab to Pierre, and a bass dropped at the edge for Anne-Marie, but it didn't matter. The sunset was simply awesome, and worth the fuel burn alone. Should anyone wish to take that final space, on the 0615 sailing in the morning, an SMS before midnight to 07970 112774 will secure it.

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