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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th November 2021

A little hiccup yesterday. Northerly winds we can fish up to a certain strength. But over that strength (perhaps 15mph) its simply too much, pushing the boat across the tide. It did enable me to put on a rare shore session though, with perfect overcast conditions and a sea still with some colour. Perfect. Which is why Jon. Lewis and myself nailed 12, with quality fish among them. Really good fun, and a nice change from the boat.

Today though, the forecast was much better. And so it proved,.with gentle seas carrying returnee's Ronnie, Nick, Richard and Matt out to the spot. And signs of big changes. One thing very different this autumn, has been the absolute lack of whiting. Often they begin showing mid September, and by November have become big shoals, hanging out in the deeps during the day, sweeping right up to the shingle overnight. Well, during the last wind, they have finally arrived.

How do we know? Well, as well as one foul hooked, the gulls were taking them off the surface. And we also watched as a 5lb bass stalked and then took one off the surface. Why so many whiting on the surface? No idea. A lot of netting inshore now the spider crabs have departed, so could be discards. I really don't know. But I have witnessed this five years on the trot in this area. They arent just on the surface either. Plenty down below, and plenty of the 23 bass to 4lb had their tails hanging out of their throats. Maximum kill for my food oriented crew. Maximum laughs, and big smiles all round.

Next up, Jack, Pat, Wills and Bill were down, the beginning of a three day break to celebrate Bill's birthday. Neptune frequently looks kindly on a birthday boy, and that certainly was the way it stated although in fairness, Bill was the only one with any regular fishing experience. Not as much as me I suspect, but he was four up before I found a fish.. The guys soon got into the game though, as they steadily got the hang of the technique. Indeed, I would have to say they fished extremely well, as the final tally of 21 bass landed, and again a maximum kill, which should sustain them, for the duration of their stay (they are part of a much larger group. I believe 7 for dinner each day). Real good fun, no blanks, perfect wind just assisting to slow our drift back. A bit like stick float fishing, I like to ride through just a little slower than the tide. A most enjoyable day.

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