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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th September 2021

First up, young Sam had returned, and bought friends along, in the form of Josh, Toby and Hugh. Josh's first time, Toby and Hugh first time back again. And a double session booked, so plenty of time to try some tricks.

But actually, it didn't really need any tricks. Wind dictated our track for the first few hours, as there was still a fairly stiff Easterly blowing. This time, it ran to our advantage. We managed forty three bass, with an equal mix of quality and smalls. Biggest around the 4lb mark but lots of action. "Do you think we would have made 100 if we hit everything ? " Sam threw an open question into the crew. We all looked at each other, and nodded. There were a lot of fish around.

So many, that we agreed we wouldn't take the breakfast break, but crack on. And with the wind now almost vanished, we had the choice of areas to hunt. We decided to look for bigger fish. And we found them, but, numbers much lower. The final total over the two sailings, was fifty nine. A sign of times to come. And lots and lots of fun for everyone. It really was a blast.

Final sailing, Chris was supposed to be joining me with his lovely wife. But Mrs Chris took ill after travelling back from Germany. Not THE ill. Just a regular, travelling you always get it ill. So, it was just Chris and myself with all that yummy space. Last bit of a dying ebb, with the inshore now an absolute nightmare of anything that floats bobbing around. We went offshore.

And here, we found a proper one, of 64cm. But, really not many at all. Six I think was the final tally. Plus cuttlefish, and mackerel. Really hard going. And yet, very enjoyable, with amazing weather to add to the pleasure. I think,it actually all turned out ok.

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