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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th August 2022

Just six short days ago, I highlighted that August is the month the cod return to the inshore reefs along our patch of coast. Today, we found three of them... !! Not huge, but deffo a positive sign of what may be to come. Very typical of the first arrivals, no more than 2lb in weight and very lean. But just a fortnight or so later, their fatter friends seem to arrive. We released all, so at least three coddies awaiting capture this year. My commercial friend George also had one in his nets, which he was able to release.

Joining me on this first foray, was Max, Mitch, Peter and Janet, all returnee's. The first cod was not fished for, but was a by product of the bass chase. But once it turned up, I did try a cod mark where another two were found. The bassing though was quite hard going, especially hampered by the stiff N wind, which only died in the last thirty minutes.

We did manage seven bass, with four killed for the table, so not at all bad. And Peter managed a small hound as well, which is always a wow on a lure. That it was hooked mid body, doesnt mean it wasnt interested, as we have had them fairly hooked before on both shads and isomes.

Second sailing, Mitch remained, and it was my pleasure to welcome back Orret, and Nick, and they bought along with them another colleague in their catering empire, Zaire. Fishing on this one was technically much easier, as wind was far less challenging, until towards the end when it swung Southerly and picked up a bit more than forecast.

Just the bass that were more challenging, despite having the early flood and offshore (for me) to play with. Just three bass, and it was the feathers and mackerel that saved the day regarding the boys culinary desires as just one of the bass crept over the 42 cm. But always fun with these guys on board. A real pleasure.

Third sailing didnt last very long. A real shame, as I had Garry, and Shinji, returning and first timers, a delightful couple Ru and Songzhe. All the way down from London, we braved it long enough that the feathers found them a mackerel feed, and then we came back in. I dropped Garry and Shinji down to the East arm, that they could at least get their fishy fix, but in common with many on the walls these last couple of days, nothing doing.

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