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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th December 2020

1st sailing and out with Mark and Paul. It would have been so nice to sail back out, drop the lines and be straight into cod and squid. but sadly, todays tide was bereft of both, despite concerted efforts. And some very reliable bass were, still reliable, but a fraction of the numbers of recent times.

However, sizes are good, with bigger fish happy to swim among the smalls. That man Mark rather showing practice makes perfect today. A very coiled spring. We made over 20 fish, but killed a good 1,5 hours of the session hunting those cod and squid. Always a gamble, today we lost.

2nd sailing, we swapped Paul for Mohammed and we went for the bass first, had a little go for cod and squid in the middle, and then finally found the good bass shoals we had been missing, at a spot I had been overlooking lately. Again good fish. Well, for Mark anyhow. Another 20 fish, with the biggest. to Mark. weighed on board at 7.5lb.

Let see what tomorrow brings. Everyday different, but the fishing is still very worthwhile. Sadly though, it is currently looking like we might get shut down Thursday onwards. with a huge rain dump to ruin thoughts of river also. As always, time will tell.

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