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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th July 2023

It would seem there isn't, other than daylight hours, much difference between winter and summer these days. Indeed, I am wondering if it isn't the autumns where we get long established high pressure systems, as we are not seeing any in the near future that is for sure. As such, lots of cancelled sailings, and just the odd one getting away here and there.

Such as today, where it was only the 1730 sailing that had favourable conditions, despite the forecast looking great right up to yesterday. At least it was a full boat. Andris, ever more regular, David, who had joined us after quite a long break due to... of course, wind. Of the climate change type, I hasten to add. Also along was Joel, with his dad, born, bred and always fished around Brighton, Jeff. And Jeff was on a mission. The fish that had always eluded him these many years, was a bass. "This will be your lucky day" I suggested, regretting making such a rash statement immediately. A direct challenge to Neptune, and he hears all.

And it was a struggle session. The first four, maybe five, fish to the boat, didnt make it on board, due to lack of commitment on the take, and very light, lip membrane hook ups that tear out very easily. We see this every year when the whitebait, which suddenly has become the main event, is still small. A move to deeper water saw just a further six fish to the end of the session, but happily, these fish were at least all good table fish. And I guess, most importantly, Jeff made it to cover girl on the blog.

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