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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th June 2021

First sailing, and out with three of my regular regulars. Mitch, Mark and Damo. I had a plan, working onwards from recent results, and it went rather well. After a quick check to ensure fish hadn't turned up where I expected them not to be (yes... that's how this head works) I went to where I thought they would be, based on that. And... They were!! Not loads, but quality fish. Quality fish with all bar 2 being 40 plus. And a bonus wrasse for Mark. Mitch lost a fish, that also had all the hallmarks of a big wrasse. Great fishing really. And great banter, as the guys had all fished together. Which led to a paradox. Mitch was a little sad he hadn't booked a 2nd sailing.

Thing is, as of tomorrow, I am returning to 4 slots for individual sailings, back to pre-pandemic levels. Having run a few whole boat charters with four rods on board, just to remember how it is, I realised actually, its a doddle. I actually have more fishing space than many other vessels, which is critical for some of the techniques we employ. Her centre console means there is fishing space along her whole length. which means, as long as everyone is on the ball, tangles are an extremely rare event. And everyone is always on the ball on BIF1. As I am watching... Where is all this leading to... I suggested that, as long as the next regular joining us agreed, we would run it as a whole boat charter, which would also drop the price for everyone to £40 per sailing. Cheapest lure boat in Brighton, as well as being the original, and best. David of course, agreed. And us happy band headed out once more...

With the ebb only just getting away, we decided to plaice fish for a little while. But it was actually the fish that set the plan. First not too long drift, and 9 plaice came up, including a couple of chunky ones. Actually, 7 plaice and 2 dabs now I remember. Second drift, switch... off... Despite mirroring the original drift within feet. Amazing things plaice. I still haven't got the full understanding of them. I quite like that. Gives me more to lean. Not that there isn't something learned every single time I come close to water. That's what we love about this, right? The few times I played video games, I stopped when I got good at them. Predictability is not particularly challenging, and I do love a challenge.

With that, we moved on to the main event. I just didn't think it would be quite as good as it was. In the next two hours, my guys knocked out no less than 43 bass. Not far short of the amazing session we had a fortnight ago, when we managed 48. Sizes were everything from schoolie to touching 6lb. Huge smiles, and buzzing excitement. I love it. Damo fared less well, but for a very identifiable reason. I have given him homework, and if he does it, his rod will be doubling over as often as the other guys. Boy, was I looking forward to the new flood.

But we didn't get to see it. Sadly, 3rd sailing was cut short before the tide really got going. Fog banks have been drifting around all day, and in them, the winds are amplified. One cam, wind switched more Southerly and increased, and suddenly, I didn't want my guys out on the open sea. Especially as the uber shallow grounds we were fishing. tended to push the swells up, amplifying the effect and offering opportunity for incident. With a heavy hear, I asked for everyone to reel in, and we returned to port. The irony of marking the fish we were there for, was not lost. Still, they should keep till tomorrow...

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