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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th June 2024

Just the one sailing before the winds came, with Bart and his friends scheduling me into a day where they also head to Terry over at JIGABYTE to stock up on lures for their planned trip to Norway in July. Sounder still returning quite heavy may rot returns beneath what looks like clear water. Initially, with fairly calm seas, we were able to get offshore a little, where we found the only table fish of the day. Then the wind increased with the new flood. Found plenty of fish, but only five smalls added to the tally from that, in part due to a very fast wind and big spring tide driven drift. But great to see the guys, and it gave them a reason to head down from London town ahead of all the traffic.

Tomorrows 0500 sailing can sail, if anyone wants to sail... Only thing missing is customers.

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