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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th May 2022

Planned as just the one sailing, Duncan was joined today, by Max and Joe. Off to the fishes. With the problem of the pin fry still apparent, I decided to try places these tiny fish dont go. Especially with the last trickle of ebb, I have one quite reliable spot, especially if nobody has already visited it.

And it did produce the bulk of the fish. We actually only landed six fish during the whole session, but of those, four were despatched, and over 50cm. Quite hard going once more. Time came, and we headed back, Max off to work, the rest of us off to Cafe Zio (next to the harvester in the marina. Top nosh).

After we had eaten, and enjoyed the quite awesome coffee, the forecast stiff breeze still had not arrived. Both Duncan and Joe had expressed interest in an extra hour. I agreed it was a good idea, especially as we had full flood now. In these situations, hours are charged at £20 per angler.

Im really glad we did. The only fishes of note, both to Duncan. And wow!! On the Ayu Axia mighty minnow in 28gm, he hit a solid fighting fish. I assumed a bass. Maybe a wrasse. A proper battler. Instead, I nearly wet myself with excitement. A new species for BIF1, nothing less than a really big Red Mullet (Goatfish - salmonette) The other, a bass of table size. Really good to see. As for the micro fry, I had a close look at some glass fry while cleaning the boat on our final return. They were all tiny sandeels. A real mixture of species. And al creating absolute frustration.

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