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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th August 2020

First sailing, and truly, out onto the proverbial "mill pond" with Lee, Steve and Richard on board. First spot, on a dying ebb tide, actually wasnt so bad. Indeed, the whole session was far from boring. As well as the banter, we managed to catch a few fish as well. Not huge numbers, We managed a dozen in the whole session. But quality fish, with everyone going home with a brace. Biggest one, sadly slipped the net, but between 4 and 5lb.

And then the day got worse. Next was Vince and son, Mathew. Happily, Mathew nailed a cracker very early doors. Vince got a schoolie and an occasional inshore visitor these days, a small pollock. Very poor. "Dont read the blog later" I joked. Its bound to kick off next session".

Sadly for next sessions Jon and Gabriel, another father and son combination, this was not the case at all. Indeed, despite marking plenty of fish, they refused completely to open their mouths. Incredibly frustrating, and just a single mackerel to show for our efforts. Amazing. Fingers crossed Neptune unlocks their lips in the morning.

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