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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th July 2020

Its been a while. Autumn in July seems to somehow not even be surprising in these times. The wind really did do a proper winter blow over the weekend, finally allowing the sea to briefly flatten yesterday afternoon. But not for long. Just long enough to get Martin and Karl out on the early morning sailing.

We sailed out onto an oily calm sea. although still some remnants from the previous days swell were unspent. I wanted to start pretty much where I left off, almost 2 weeks ago, but other than initial success to Karl with a fish of around 2lb, nothing doing. Quite disappointing as I had convinced myself I had found the ideal time to be fishing there, and it turns out, the bass decide the ideal time, not the tide state.

Back inshore, and some brief success in contact with a shoal of mostly small fish. Stacks of joey mackerel bursting all around the boat also, but more chasing, than being chased. It is my dream to come out of port, find a shoal, and stay with it for the entire three hours. But even small fish tire of a boats company, and after two drifts less fish were coming to the boat. I had lost the shoal.

A move a few miles away finally gave us what I was looking for. Consistent fishing, a couple of takes per drift, with quality fish. All between 40 and 50cm. Happily, the four bass promised to the spouses of Martin and Karl found their way into the fish box. Indeed, so enjoyable was the fishing, that, due to the imminent SW wind meaning I had cancelled the rest of the days sailings (actually right up to Friday night, with Saturday currently also looking iffy...) we simply ran on when time was up. The lads loved it, I was loving it, so why not! Eventually though, the call of land bound "stuff to do" meant calling last drift. But big smiles all around.

Looking like we might be getting a summer to replace the autumn we are currently enjoying next week, and I am hopeful to get in a full week of sailings. Did you notice the "ticker" down the side of the page? A little investment in technology, meaning that you can simply come straight to the site to check on availability. Cool huh ? Well, I know. Not exactly latest tech. But functional. With the weather set to improve, and the fishing clearly improving, feel free to give me a call or text on 07970 112774 to get yourselves on board.

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