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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th July 2022

First sailing, a brace of Neils, a Steve and a David. Workmates down to Brighton for a jolly. Well, actually first sailing was cancelled due to a forecast screaming Northerly wind which never came. Not at all annoying. This works outing was the second sailing.

It didnt start so well, mostly due to me failing to interpret what my guys wanted. Turned out, they were really expecting a bait fishing session, so, despite raising, but missing, four big bass to surface lures in the first thirty minutes, we headed out to deeper banks for some isome and plaice fun. The usual suspects were waiting. small plaice and gurnards. And a dab., The action was added to with a mackerel feather rod being shared by all. A nice feed due to head back up the road a few beers later..

Second sailing was just about bass, with my mate Jon hiring the boat to celebrate his birthday. And the sun came out to bring warmth, and push the bass away from any thoughts of striking off the surface. Jon had a nice one, on a compromise lure, a Komono II which he found from a new stocking in Lagoon bait and tackle.. I managed one on a 14gm Axia mighty minnow. But that was it on the bass front. Just a few mackerel as accidental catches.

And I bolted on a "BASIC SKILLS" session on the end of the day, from the shore. A very nice man called Lumi and his son Ryan. And they both picked up the casting nicely. Some basic knots, and they were already along their journey. And there is no finer journey, than father and son learning to fish together.

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